A new report from Ooyala reveals that viewers watched live streaming video 2.5 times longer last month than they did with video on demand. They also confirmed that the top viewing hours for video content consumed via entertainment and broadcast platforms on multiscreens was midday on weekdays and 9pm on the weekends. The study, Global Video Index (Broadcast Edition), also highlights the impact that long form video is having on our viewing habits, particularly on mobile devices where 57% of viewers watched videos longer than 30 mins in length.

Online Video: How Long We Watch

Ooyala confirmed that live video events (sports, news etc.) captured the viewers attention and kept them engaged far longer than video on demand did. It’s obvious really, especially with a medium like breaking news where the story has no defined ending. Across other devices, all types of long form video proved popular with viewers.

Long form Live Video Wins The Internet For March 2013 [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=

Long form Live Video Wins The Internet For March 2013 [Report]

Peak Viewing Hours For Online Video Content

It’s perhaps no surprise that online tv viewing hits a peak around 9pm on weekends and midday on weekdays. It would have been interesting to see the full breakdown of behaviour across different devices to confirm how important the second screen was and how desktop and set top viewing fared against tablets and mobiles.

Long form Live Video Wins The Internet For March 2013 [Report]


  • Viewers tune into live video 2.5 x longer than Video on Demand content (while watching broadcast and entertainment networks).
  • The optimum time for watching online video broadcast content is midday on weekdays and 9pm on weekends.
  • Online video consumption via tablets is highest on the weekends
  • 77% of time spent watching mobile video in March was with videos longer than 10 minutes.
  • Nearly half of all tablet video consumption consisted of videos at least 30 minutes in length.

Source: ReelSeo and Ooyala
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