Back in 2011 YouTube announced that more than 48 hours of video were being uploaded to the site every minute. Today they have announced some new statistics that blow the 48-hour statistic out of the water. Today, one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second. That’s 24 hours of video every 24 seconds, 60 hours a minute, 9 months every 2 hours, a decade every single day and a century every 10 days! That’s a lot of video.

To visualize this, YouTube has put together a fun video as well as a crazy interactive visualization of just how much video this is at In 1.5 seconds of uploads the International Space Station completes one orbit of the Earth; In 8 seconds of uploads a manned submersible returns from a record-breaking dive to 35,797 feet; In 17 seconds of uploads the fasted summit of Mt. Everest is recorded; and in 24 seconds Nyan Cat says “Nyan” over 345,600 times!

The YouTube Team also reported that, “For all the hours of video you’re uploading—you’re watching more as well; we’ve now exceeded four billion views globally every day. That’s up 25 percent in the last eight months and the equivalent of more than half the world’s population watching a video every day, the same number as there are US $1 bills in circulation, the same number of years since there was water on Mars…it’s a big number, and you’re making it bigger every day.”

Social Times