Your favorite TV shows are not longer only available on paid TV channels, now you can watch them everywhere…Yes also on your tablet. Today in the US. 29% of adults owns a tablet, but the time that we called this device ‘second screen’ is nearly over. Tablets are redefining the way we watch TV, where we watch TV, and how we share what we watch.

The Global Video Index Q3 shows some interesting numbers. As you can see in the following graphics there are two major changes, the time we wacth online videocontent and the amount of content we share with our friends, family, online communities and even strangers.

The overall share of tablet video viewing has grown 90% in Q2 and Q3.

• 71% of total tablet video viewing time was spent watching videos 10 minutes or longer.
• 30% of total tablet viewing time was spent watching content over an hour long
TV is no longer a single screen in the living room. The online video advertising market is growing faster than online video content, with ads growing 49% year-over-year. Viewers today are watching long-form premium content on their tablets, and our data suggests this trend will only accelerate in the coming quarters.
With more tablets hitting the market every day, video publishing and monetization strategies must adapt to this new reality of Tablet TV.