Marketing is marketing, but when your client is another business, the rules of attraction are in a whole other playing field. Are we being too dramatic? Well, maybe. Take into account that with the right tools and information, you can simply market to the right kind of people, the business people, with the all-mighty online video. Since we’re in the holiday spirit, here are some tips on how to use an explanatory video for B2B marketing.

Understand your video audience: Unlike the customer counterparts, marketing to businesses requires a few tactics. You need to position your video to appeal to multiple departments’ interests (buyers may have different motives than production). As a marketer, you understand that you cannot appeal to everyone, so understanding what departments matter most to your efforts is important. Who exactly will watch this video? Market to them!

Social Media:You know what it is, but in the world of businesses, this is your portal to company transparency and solicited information about what you do. Make sure your video can be spread through different forms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. You never know who could be watching where, so don’t make it complicated to upload and share.

Be Unique: In relation to the social media tip above, utilize similar online tools to showcase your talents in a unique way. Was your video production interesting? Use a Tumblr to show behind-the-scenes photos. Use your explanatory web video for businessor a witty company blog just to add the lasting touch of personality that your potential business client may enjoy.

Get Feedback: Make sure to include room for feedback; this could be a comment section on your video. This is the window of opportunity to tailor your efforts with your client while allowing you to show off the metrics to your business success.

Again, marketing is marketing, but when you are targeting a business with online video, make sure you are organized, unique and straight to the point.