It turns out gadgetphiles love their online videos. A new consumer audience survey by IDG TechNetwork found that nine of 10 consumers watch videos about tech products they’re eyeing, showing the power of online video on purchases.

Overall, 78 percent of respondents said they rely on niche tech websites as well as mainstream ones to learn more about tech products. Such speciality sites help breed a loyal and dedicated community. (Being a niche tech site ourselves, that’s great news for us.)
Video, in particular, plays a crucial role in influencing buying decisions. Forty percent of consumers said they frequently watch videos on these consumer tech sites and 23 percent reported doing so on their mobile devices. Interestingly enough, 10 percent said they actually prefer ads accompanying their mobile videos.
With these findings in mind, IDG says advertisers looking to reach and engage techies should create original video content, such as product demos and reviews, to supplement ad campaigns since 90 percent of respondents said those two types of videos are the most valuable resource in learning about tech products. Another 77 percent found video customer testimonials very useful as well.
The main takeaway from this study is that when it comes to gadget purchases, techies turn to online videos to learn more. After all, a text review can tell you specs and perhaps provide some images, but there’s nothing as visceral as watching a product in action. Brands looking to connect with consumers should invest more in creating videos to tell their products’ stories and help consumers make purchasing decisions.
As they say, seeing is believe.