Bored of making the same old posts about the same old things on you blog or site? Even if you aren’t, your readers might be looking forward to some different content. So if you haven’t considered it yet, think about creating a few videos for your upcoming posts. Thanks to webcams and smartphones, you can take a quick video of yourself almost anywhere, doing almost anything – or spend some extra time and make a more professional production. If writing is more your forte and your mind blanks when it comes to making a video, here are several ways to use this viral form of content.

1. Tap Into Some Humor

This is one of the easiest ways to post a video on your blog. Pick something funny. Post it. Then sit back and wait for the readers and reblogs. Of course a lot depends on your sense of humor, but don’t worry if you aren’t the best comedian at the show. Start small and post other videos across the Internet that you think are funny. This will help your viewers get used to the idea of watching videos on your blog and help you build up to creating your own videos when you are ready. Consider live action, animation, stop animation, and a variety of other forms when you are finally ready to begin.

2. Create Personal Videos

The next step in the video process is creating personal videos. Basically, instead of writing out a story or thought piece, you record yourself giving it instead. This can take a little more work, but it is also a great way to connect with your fans in a very real way and give them a reason to keep coming back. If the idea of making a personal video freaks you out a little too much, start small and give yourself as much confidence as possible. Work on your appearance, practice a great smile, and pick an attractive background. Find a tone and method of speaking that is natural to you but also easy to listen to.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of the Vine

Vines offer several advantages to bloggers. They are designed to be short, which takes a lot of pressure off of you. They can be used in really entertaining and unexpected ways, so look around at viral Vines to get some ideas. Plus, they are especially easy to share through social networks and other sources, so you have a good chance of getting more views. If you like being creative and artistic and prefer brief, quirky videos to longer personal videos, start experimenting with Vines.

4. Create a Guide

If you are at a loss on how to create a video and what to say, think about creating a guide. Show how to make something, how to solve a computer problem, or how to grow plant. Take a hobby or passion and explain how something works to your audience. This allows you to use lots of screen views and real world footage so viewers don’t get bored of staring at your face – and it can also provide useful information.

5. Make a Slideshow

Suppose you don’t have any ideas for a video, but you do have a portfolio of images that you like to share on your blog. Try creating a slideshow video to showcase these images. Set pictures of your pet to a funny soundtrack, show viewers what your house or town looks like, or show laughable photos from your latest party.

6. Film an Experience

Fun and important events make great subjects for videos. So if you take a vacation or go on a hike, try filming a few minutes of it for your fans. This also works if you love a sport or activity where a brief video could be exciting or at least show off surrounding scenery. This is a must-do idea if you already have something like a GoPro cam or another way to easily capture video on the go.

7. Give Your Opinion

Do you have an opinion on a recent event? Great! Make a video. YouTube is full of this sort of video, and love it or hate it, they tend to inspire views and discussion. Find your passion and don’t be afraid to mouth off about it. Try to be as witty as possible, though.

8. Interviews and Industry News

This is one for the professionals out there who blog for a business. Capture videos like interviews with company leaders or your analysis of industry news to help get new viewers and create interest.